My Thoughts On John 4:39-42

She heard the words of Jesus…and she immediately shared them with others. Are we like her?

After Jesus prophetically and miraculously revealed to the Samaritan woman that he was the Messiah (John 4:5-26), I find it very interesting that the woman did not keep this information to herself.  She immediately went back into town and told people about Christ (vs. 28-29).  This in turn caused the townspeople to come out and meet Jesus (v. 30) and ask him to stay with them, which he did for two days (v. 40).  As a result, many of them believed in him…initially because the woman cared enough to tell them about Jesus (v. 39); however, this led to many more believing due to hearing Jesus for themselves (vs. 41-42).

Christians, are we like this woman?  Every week, we gather together to hear the words of Jesus and take time every day to meditate upon his Word (Ps. 1:1-2).  Are we like the Samaritan woman and actively look for people with whom to share his Word?  Or do we keep the seed of the Word inside the barn by refusing to share it with the lost whom we know?  (Luke 8:11; Hag. 2:19)

Do we really want the church to grow and the lost to be saved?  Our actions will always answer these questions more honestly than our words ever could (James 1:22-25).  Many believed because the woman didn’t keep Jesus to herself.  Likewise, God will help us to grow if we actively share his gospel with others (1 Cor. 3:6-7).  Let’s make this goal our top priority in 2013!