“Preach the Word…Do The Work of an Evangelist” – Michael Grooms

A great article from a good friend and sound preacher about the biblical responsibilities of preachers.  It also contains some good points about the relationship between elders and preachers.

“Preach the Word…Do The Work of an Evangelist” – Michael Grooms.

“For Men Shall Be…Blasphemers…” – Jon Mitchell

I wrote this article for an issue of the Carolina Messenger dealing with church leadership. It’s been my observation over the years that many Christians, perhaps without even realizing it, treat the leaders of the church in ways of which God disapproves. We Americans love our freedom so much that we tend to have a real problem with authority, and that spills over into our homes and even into the church. As a result, we blaspheme…without realizing we’re doing so. Check out this article to see how…

“For Men Shall Be…Blasphemers…” – Jon Mitchell.