News Headlines Of The Prom Season

News Headlines Of The Prom Season

Full disclosure.  When I was a teen, I went to prom.  Twice.

That was twenty years ago.  The headlines brought out by this timely article by Neal Pollard show that times have changed.  I’ve changed too.

Now I’m a parent and a more mature Christian.  I know a lot more about the Bible than I did when I was a teen.

For example, I know that “lasciviousness” or “sensuality” (Gal. 5:19) is a work of the flesh, and that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God (Gal. 5:19-21).

I know that “lasciviousness” in the King James Version is called “sensuality” in the English Standard Version because the Greek word is all about “indecent bodily movements, unchaste handling of males and females,” among other things.

I remember that at the two proms I attended twenty years ago, there were a few people whose actions on the dance floor fit the above definition, even if I was not one of them.

And after reading the headlines and articles cited in the above article by Neal Pollard, I know that such sinful actions are even more prevalent in today’s proms, along with fornication, drinking alcohol, and a host of other sinful activities.

That’s why I could honestly say…twenty years ago, as an immature teenager…that I didn’t have a problem with prom.

And why I can now honestly say today, as a more mature Christian and parent, that there is no way my daughters are going to prom.

Parents, Christians, think about these things…

Yes, Heaven IS For Real (But The Book Isn’t)

Yes, Heaven IS For Real (But The Book Isn’t)

Heard about the book Heaven Is For Real?  Seen the trailer for the upcoming movie?  Thinking about reading the book and seeing the movie?

Regardless of whether you do, read this article by Ben Giselbach which gives some biblical truths about whether or not anyone can actually “die and go to heaven and come back.”  Remember this, folks.  No matter how great a story one can tell about a supposed out-of-body experience, in the end the only story that will be proven true is the one the Bible tells.