Bible Q&A: Does God Know Everything?

Does God know everything? Yes.  He knows everything that has happened, everything which is currently happening, and everything that will happen (Is. 46:9-10).  He knows our thoughts and what we will say before we say it (Ps. 139:1-4).  He knows how many stars exist and “his understanding has no limit” (Ps. 147:4-5).  Sometimes we unjustly judge ourselves,… Read More Bible Q&A: Does God Know Everything?

My Thoughts on Giving

When one gives to God’s church “according to their ability, and beyond their ability…of their own accord,” “bountifully,” “as he has purposed in his heart,” “not grudgingly or under compulsion,” but rather with a “cheerful” attitude (2 Cor. 8:3; 9:6-7), is that not offering honor to God (proskueneo)?  Is it not revering God (sebazomai)?  Is it not serving God (latreuo)?  Is it not acting piously towards God (eusebeo)?  The obvious answer to these rhetorical questions is “Yes,” especially when one considers that in giving Jesus wants us to “first give (ourselves) to the Lord” (2 Cor. 8:5).… Read More My Thoughts on Giving

Bible Q&A: Were Non-Jews Condemned to Hell in the Old Testament?

Were non-Jews condemned to hell in the Old Testament? Yes, but not because they were Gentiles.  Both Jew and Gentile who find themselves condemned to eternal hell in both Old and New Testament will suffer that fate because of unrepentant sin (Rom. 2:3-11).  God does not wish this for anyone because he loves all (John… Read More Bible Q&A: Were Non-Jews Condemned to Hell in the Old Testament?

“Those Who Say They Are Jews and Are Not”

Revelation is a very hard book to understand if you forget that it was not meant to be taken literally.  Indeed, the very first verse of the entire book says it was “signified,” that is, written in signs and symbolic language.  Also remember that the Bible is and has always been its own best commentary.  The Old Testament psalmist wrote under inspiration, “The sum of Your Word is truth…” (Psalm 119:160).  We will never be able to properly understand what is right about any biblical topic until we take into account what the entirety of Scripture says about them.  That also applies to understanding the truth about the symbolism in Revelation.… Read More “Those Who Say They Are Jews and Are Not”

“Thus Esau Despised His Birthright”

Recently I was watching a cartoon about Jacob and Esau with my children as part of our Bible Time together.  Watching the animated depiction of Jacob manipulating his older brother Esau to give up his birthright for some food stirred a wish within me to revisit the biblical account of this episode within the lives of the sons of Isaac, which is why I’m dedicating this article to it.… Read More “Thus Esau Despised His Birthright”