Christians, We Need Each Other!

When peace, unity, true love, and encouragement exist in the local church, the lost soul looking for the hope and salvation found only in Jesus will be drawn to you. The new convert will not lose his zeal, and you and your fellow Christians will have your batteries recharged, ready once again to live for Christ in this dark world. Look around you next Sunday during worship and remember that you need these precious, like-minded brethren…and they need you.… Read More Christians, We Need Each Other!

Hebrews: Christians Need Encouragement Just As Much As Correction

Christians, especially those among you who preach and teach God’s Word, take note of the example set by the Hebrew writer and Paul.  Satan targets all of us every day.  We need to be exhorted to stay on the right path and admonished when we unrepentantly give into sin.  Yet we also need to be reminded that God loves us, there is good in us, and we are part of something wonderful and much bigger and grander than anything we could imagine!  That, taken alongside any teaching and admonishment which we equally need, will motivate those of us with honest hearts to stay the course and keep the faith!… Read More Hebrews: Christians Need Encouragement Just As Much As Correction