Grace and Repentance…What Wonderful Blessings!

How is the Christian who darkens the church assembly doors every Sunday, sits in the pews, says “Amen” at the appropriate times, sings the hymns, partakes of communion, and gives a weekly offering “deceiving (himself)” if he is one who does much hearing of the pulpit’s message but little applying of it to his life throughout the week?  Answer: there is little to no actual repentance of his sins in this man’s life…and yet he, if asked, would sincerely answer that he is a faithful disciple of Christ because, after all, “I go to church all the time.”  James would say this man is deceiving himself.  David would agree, saying that there is much “deceit” in his “spirit,” specifically deceit aimed at himself. … Read More Grace and Repentance…What Wonderful Blessings!

My Thoughts on “Performing Deeds In Keeping With Repentance”

What produces repentance that leads to salvation?  “Godly grief” or “godly sorrow” over one’s sins.  Not worldly sorrow over our sins, but godly sorrow.  Worldly sorrow over sin is comparable to the thief who isn’t sorry he stole, but is terribly sorry he’s going to jail.  Godly sorrow would have the thief, regardless of whether he’s caught, truly sorrowful that he stole in the first place.  That’s because he feels the same kind of sorrow and grief over his sins that God feels.… Read More My Thoughts on “Performing Deeds In Keeping With Repentance”

My Thoughts on Repentance

If we get in a car and head to McDonald’s, and on the way we see Taco Bell and decide we’d rather have a taco than a Big Mac, and so turn into Taco Bell instead of going on to McDonald’s, guess what we’ve just done?  We’ve repented of McDonald’s.  In other words, we changed our minds about McDonald’s.  Not only that, but our actions also changed as a direct, unavoidable result of changing our minds.  We decided to go to Taco Bell instead of McDonald’s, and our actions followed suit.… Read More My Thoughts on Repentance