James: How Sin Develops

Here is how sin develops.  It starts with “(our) own lust” (v. 14), “lust” having far more to do with sexual desire; it refers to having a strong desire for anything.  Temptation comes “when (we are) carried away and enticed by (our) own lust.”  Think about it.  When was the last time you were tempted to sin concerning something about which you had absolutely no desire at all to have or do?… Read More James: How Sin Develops

James: The Right Perspective About Wealth

Why did God tell “the brother of humble circumstances” (i.e., the poor Christian)that they have a “high position” in which they are to “glory”?  Why tell “the rich man” that he has “humiliation” in which he is to “glory”?  Why promise the rich man that even while he is “in the midst of his pursuits” he will “fade away”?… Read More James: The Right Perspective About Wealth