1 Peter: The Holiness of Obedient Children

Brethren, look back at all you have learned from God’s Word in the time since your baptism.  Take inventory of all the ways God has taught you to be a better, wiser, more profitable, more giving and selfless human being.  List all the blessings that have come into your life because of your walk with God.  Do you want to go back to how you were before you knew what you know now?  Which life is better, the life you had without Christ or the life with Him which you now have? … Read More 1 Peter: The Holiness of Obedient Children

1 Peter: We Have What Old Testament Prophets and Angels Longed To Have

This “good news” – “the salvation of your souls” (1:9b-10a) – was the fulfillment of these Old Testament prophecies that the prophets had diligently “searched and inquired” about (1:11).  It had not been completely revealed to them during Old Testament times.  Even “angels long to look” into these matters (1:12c), the Greek rendering of this phrase indicating that the angels so passionately desired to know more about these matters that they would in a figurative sense bend or crouch down to see it.  Yet God’s plan to save mankind was now completely revealed to Peter’s readers, and us today, within the New Testament (cf. Rom. 16:25-26; Eph. 3:3-5).  We today can now see and know that of which they could only glimpse and ask.  What a blessing that is!… Read More 1 Peter: We Have What Old Testament Prophets and Angels Longed To Have

1 Peter: Reasons to Rejoice…And Reasons for Trials

“Wait, Peter!” these first readers of his epistle might have been thinking to themselves at this point.  “Aren’t you aware of all the persecutions and hardships we are facing because of our Christianity?”  The apostle acknowledged this.  “…though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials…” (1:6b).  He will elaborate further on what those trials were later in this book, as well as how Christians should respond to them.  For now, notice that he still expects them to rejoice because of all the great blessings with positive eternal ramifications which the Father had and continued to shower upon them…in spite of the trials they were currently experiencing.  The Lord expected the same from His apostles, and He expects the same from us today (John 15:11, 18-25; Phil. 4:4-7).  Are our daily lives filled with joy in spite of whatever hardships life throws at us for these reasons…or are we too focused on the bad to see the eternal good?… Read More 1 Peter: Reasons to Rejoice…And Reasons for Trials

1 Peter: Christians Are Guarded By The Power of God

The apostle now informs his Christian readers that the power of God guards us (1:5a).  This term, also rendered “kept” in some English translations, comes from the Greek term phroureo and is a military term; it refers to being under military guard.  During biblical times, soldiers at the gates of a city would stand at post to either keep the hostile invaders from entering the city or keep the citizens within that city from leaving the protection of its walls and falling into enemy hands.  Our heavenly Father does the same for us through His awesome power.  The gospel is the power God uses to save us (Rom. 1:16), and this same power is used to guard us from Satan. … Read More 1 Peter: Christians Are Guarded By The Power of God