Zechariah: Joshua’s Crown and the Messiah

This crown, made of silver and gold molded together by the prophet, might have been double-tiered.  According to commentator Homer Hailey, this would signify that the one wearing the crown held two offices, that of high priest AND king.  No high priest had been king before in Israel.  Zechariah’s crowning of the high priest Joshua was thus a symbolic prophecy.  This is made even clearer by what the Lord directed Zechariah to say to Joshua (whose name in Hebrew – yhosua – means “Jehovah saves” and is transliterated in Greek to iesous…Jesus).… Read More Zechariah: Joshua’s Crown and the Messiah

Why Did…Does…Jesus Offend People?

This week I’ve written and thought about how Jesus was both a very loving and very direct person.  Was His directness that offended many and prompted the hatred and opposition He and His followers experienced…and still experience today? I would answer in the affirmative…but only so far. There was a deeper reason, and that reason remains foundational to the opposition pure, unadulterated Christianity faces throughout the world today.
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Following Jesus Requires Taking Genesis Literally

Think about it. If Jesus had not lived a sinless life, then dying on the cross would have accomplished nothing.  He would not have been our propitiation and Savior by doing so, because God required a sinless sacrifice. Yet in order to live a sinless life, Jesus had have always told the truth.  Always (1 Pet. 1:22).  If there was any dishonesty coming out of his mouth…ever…then he would not longer be sinless and thus not our Savior.  That would make the Christian religion as a whole a sham and meaningless. With this in mind, consider what Jesus said about the events recorded in the book of Genesis.… Read More Following Jesus Requires Taking Genesis Literally

My Thoughts on Christ’s Healing of the Woman With the Blood Issue

All of us suffer.  Sometimes we might want to blame God.  This woman encourages me to do the opposite.  She reminds me that I must look upwards to God and look forward to heaven.  My home is not here in the land of war, turmoil, strife, and high housing and gas prices.  There is something better waiting (Rom. 8:18). … Read More My Thoughts on Christ’s Healing of the Woman With the Blood Issue

My Thoughts on Luke 1:31-33

I love Christmastime because so many in our culture think a lot about Jesus during this time.  While the actual holiday of Christmas nor the actual birth date of Jesus are not found in the Bible, nonetheless most of us think about Him and His birth these days.  So if you are one who thinks a lot about a little baby in a manger in Bethlehem during this month, I encourage you to take some time to also think about what Gabriel said to Mary that her boy would become.  Mary’s son – God’s Son – is currently King of kings and Lord of lords, reigning over His church.… Read More My Thoughts on Luke 1:31-33