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Hi there.  It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, I know.  The past couple of years have been eventful for my family and me.  We’ve started a new work with a new church in a new state, and with that has come all kinds of new responsibilities and other things that have come up which have taken up much of my time.  So I haven’t been on here for quite some time.

I’m hoping to change that.  In fact, I’m hoping to change a lot of things about this blog as you might have guessed when you saw the new title and domain name.  Yep, preacheroftruth.com is now predenominationalchristianity.com.  If you type out the former it will automatically send you to the latter, but all the articles and material from before will still be here so don’t worry about that.  The main reason I wanted to change the name of the site is because I want the focus of you, the reader, to be on Christ and His religion which is pure, unaltered and unfiltered, biblical Christianity.  That had always been my goal from day one with every article I wrote, and it continues to be such.  There is so much religious confusion out there in Christendom due to all the different man-made churches, faiths, sects, cults and denominations which claim to be Christian and yet whose doctrines add to and take away from God’s Word (2 Timothy 4:3-4; Revelation 22:18-19; Proverbs 30:6; Deuteronomy 4:1-2).  We need to get to the Bible and go simply by the New Testament.  That’s what they did way back in the first century AD when the church of Jesus Christ existed before all the denominations started popping up, and when they didn’t you can read in the New Testament about how God rebuked them and told them to repent.  By changing the title of the site and the domain name I hope to keep the focus even more on pre-denominational Christianity, the religion prophesied in the Old Testament and taught in the New.

I am also planning on cleaning up some of the categories a bit.  Preacheroftruth.com was my first attempt at blogging and setting up a website on WordPress, and in the years since I’ve learned a few things.  Yeah, I’m still nowhere near a master at this but I think I’ve learned enough to make things easier for you to navigate around this site in a somewhat more efficient manner.  So if God wills I plan on starting on those changes soon, as well as giving you some new blog posts real soon.  Be on the lookout for those.

Thanks again for reading.  It continues to be my prayer and goal that this site can help you in your relationship with God.

In Christ,




22 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blog!!”

    1. Appreciate you saying that, Neal. Just so you know, you and your “Daily Bread” articles on your preacherpollard blog are the inspiration behind my efforts here. So thank you for that. Any advice or feedback you ever feel like giving me is more than welcome. God be with you in the work you’re doing up there in Denver. It was good to see you again at PTP last week.


  1. Hi Jon, I am hoping to e-mail you in order to further our discussions. My e-mail is on my page in the about section. If you would like to e-mail me so I have your e-mail we can continue. Thanks,


  2. JON,

    I just read your comment in response to Rich Little’s blog post regarding the appointing of a new president for Harding. I appreciate your comment and the biblical, solid statements you made. I am in total agreement with what you said, and want you to know that I appreciate your succinct, Bible based response. I look forward to reading articles on your blog. Thank you again,

    In Christ,

    Roxanne Langley, class of ’91

    1. Could you help direct me to the blog/comments from Rich Little about Harding’s new president, please? I can’t seem to track it/them down.

  3. Hello, Jon. I wanted to know if I could discuss something with you through email. Would that be alright?

    I believe the email should be provided to you by the comment. If not, please let me know.

  4. Hi Jon; What are a few good commentaries that you would recommend. I have the Gospel Advocate commentary but it only covers the NT. I also have the College Press commentary but I need something a little deeper. Thank you Tom Ferguson

    1. James Burton Coffman is good. Wayne Jackson wrote an excellent commentary on the entire New Testament, one on each of the OT prophets, and his commentaries on Acts and Timothy and Titus are superb. Keil and Delitchtz are good OT commentaries.

      1. I’d recommend giving the free on-line Bible Hub a try at: http://biblehub.com  It has an incredible compilation of Biblestudy aids all in one place; instantly lets you search and find any passagewith just a key word or phrase, from the original languages to hundreds ofdifferent translations, an interlinear breakdown, concordances and crossreferences, maps, and gives you lots of different commentaries of variouslevels of technical scholarship to choose from. Then you could either lay out cash to buy the hard copy ofwhichever one(s) you like best, or just keep using Bible Hub free and haveaccess to all of them literally at your fingertips.  You don’t even have to register as auser.  The program has always workedquickly and efficiently even when my computer bogs down under other internetsites.

  5. Are you interested in publishing an article about widowers as elders? The article discusses whether a widower who is an elder/pastor/bishop in the Church of Christ is to lose his office upon remarriage, and whether a remarried widower is eligible to be appointed to the post. It consists of a text of exactly 5,000 words, and an additional 250 words of footnotes and bibliographic details.
    As you know, 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:6 require an elder/bishop/pastor in the Church of Christ to be the husband of one wife or married only once. Difficulties concerning what these phrases mean have opened a range of interpretations about the precise qualifications. The proposed article concentrates on whether a widower loses his qualification upon remarriage. It surveys the Restoration websites most readily available on the topic, with a consideration of J. W. McGarvey. Then it examines the works of Christian authors before the middle of the third century, as uniquely positioned to observe interpretations and practices recently descended from the apostles. Next, it critiques the methodology of the websites in formulating and advancing their judgments, and whether they are less likely to be as valuable and reliable as those of ancient church fathers. It concludes that a widower who remarries loses his office, and leaves open the question of celibate widowers.

    1. I’d be interested in reading it. This site is made up primarily of articles which I write, and secondarily of articles I publish as editor of the Carolina Messenger (www.carolinamessenger.wordpress.com). If you’d like, email me the article for consideration for publishing there at carolinamessenger@gmail.com. Thanks!

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