The Danger of an “I’m Always Right” Mindset

Let’s be honest.  Who among us can honestly say that we’ve always been completely open to the idea of someone telling us we’re wrong?  What human being is there who has lived his or her entire life having never thought of themselves as being “always right” about a particular thing, even though the truth shows otherwise? We’ve all been like this at times.  Some of us live their whole lives like this.… Read More The Danger of an “I’m Always Right” Mindset

Delight in the Law of the Lord

“His delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night” (Ps. 1:2).  The man who “greatly delights” in the “commandments” of the Lord is “blessed” (Ps. 112:1).  He prays for the Lord to “lead me in the path of your commandments” because “I delight in it” (Ps. 119:35).  He recognizes the sobering but wonderful truth that “if your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction” (Ps. 119:92).  For that and many other reasons, he sincerely says, “I find my delight in your commandments, which I love” (Ps. 119:47).  It is this love and delight for the will of God that motivates the godly individual to “meditate day and night” upon the “law” of God.… Read More Delight in the Law of the Lord

“But You, You Are To Be Feared!”

Jehovah is all-powerful.  His might is supreme, far above the pitiful, temporary power held by earthly rulers who only rule to begin with because he wishes it (Rom. 13:1-2; cf. John 19:11; Dan. 2:21; 4:17; 5:20; Job 12:18).  Ultimately, all resistance to his will is futile.  Serving him in all aspects of our lives is profitable for us in every way, both in this life and in the life to come (1 Tim. 4:8).  Let us therefore commit all of ourselves to God, and keep our commitments faithfully (Eccl. 5:1-5; cf. 1 John 1:6-9).… Read More “But You, You Are To Be Feared!”

Grace and Repentance…What Wonderful Blessings!

How is the Christian who darkens the church assembly doors every Sunday, sits in the pews, says “Amen” at the appropriate times, sings the hymns, partakes of communion, and gives a weekly offering “deceiving (himself)” if he is one who does much hearing of the pulpit’s message but little applying of it to his life throughout the week?  Answer: there is little to no actual repentance of his sins in this man’s life…and yet he, if asked, would sincerely answer that he is a faithful disciple of Christ because, after all, “I go to church all the time.”  James would say this man is deceiving himself.  David would agree, saying that there is much “deceit” in his “spirit,” specifically deceit aimed at himself. … Read More Grace and Repentance…What Wonderful Blessings!

“I Have Trusted In Your Steadfast Love”

Have you ever felt like your problems were going to last forever and would never stop?  Have you ever felt like God either didn’t know about what you were going through or didn’t care?  Have you ever wanted to get up and move forward, but you felt like the hardships and burdens of life, as well as the thorns in your side, just kept pushing you back down over and over again?… Read More “I Have Trusted In Your Steadfast Love”

Hebrews: The Answer to Judaism

The only reason Judaism exists is due to the Jews’ rejection of Jesus Christ as their Messiah.  Judaism was a religion inspired by God (2 Tim. 3:16).  Its purpose was to prepare Israel for the coming of the Messiah and his new covenant (Gal. 3:23-26).  However, the majority of Israel could not accept this common preacher from Nazareth as being their Savior.   A minority of them followed Jesus due to the divinely inspired teaching of his apostles and prophets, including the writer of Hebrews.  However, the Jews severely persecuted them.  It is against this background of tribulation that the writer of the Hebrew epistle wrote by inspiration, showing us that one of the main purposes of the letter was to encourage Christians of a Jewish background to remain loyal to Christ in the face of hardship (Heb. 10:32-12:13).  In order to do this, God inspired him to show his Jewish readers the superiority of Jesus Christ and his new covenant over the Judaism.… Read More Hebrews: The Answer to Judaism