My Thoughts on “Performing Deeds In Keeping With Repentance”

What produces repentance that leads to salvation?  “Godly grief” or “godly sorrow” over one’s sins.  Not worldly sorrow over our sins, but godly sorrow.  Worldly sorrow over sin is comparable to the thief who isn’t sorry he stole, but is terribly sorry he’s going to jail.  Godly sorrow would have the thief, regardless of whether he’s caught, truly sorrowful that he stole in the first place.  That’s because he feels the same kind of sorrow and grief over his sins that God feels.… Read More My Thoughts on “Performing Deeds In Keeping With Repentance”

My Thoughts on Psalm 119

Many believe they can be faithful in the sight of God without following the Bible.  Yet when the psalmist had “chosen the way of faithfulness,” he “set (God’s) rules before” him (v. 30).  He clung to the Lord’s testimonies (v. 31), ran in the way of His commandments (v. 32), and asked God repeatedly to teach him “the way of your statutes” and give him understanding in order to keep His law (vs. 33-34).  We rightly cite Paul’s words in Romans about how faith comes from hearing God’s Word (Rom. 10:17), but Psalms 119 shows us exactly how God wants us to hear His Word and the type of faith He wants it to produce.  Christians, are we like the psalmist?… Read More My Thoughts on Psalm 119

Christians, We Need Each Other!

When peace, unity, true love, and encouragement exist in the local church, the lost soul looking for the hope and salvation found only in Jesus will be drawn to you. The new convert will not lose his zeal, and you and your fellow Christians will have your batteries recharged, ready once again to live for Christ in this dark world. Look around you next Sunday during worship and remember that you need these precious, like-minded brethren…and they need you.… Read More Christians, We Need Each Other!

My Thoughts on a Divine Warning Given to a Nation

Jesus warned that riches could — and in many cases, would — become a great distraction and keep us from becoming what God would have us to be (Lk. 8:14).  This was true for Old Testament Israel.  Moses warned them that their prosperity might cause them to give themselves rather than God the credit for their good fortune and turn away from serving Him, resulting ultimately in their own destruction as a nation. It is true for us today as well.… Read More My Thoughts on a Divine Warning Given to a Nation

My Thoughts on Christ’s Healing of the Woman With the Blood Issue

All of us suffer.  Sometimes we might want to blame God.  This woman encourages me to do the opposite.  She reminds me that I must look upwards to God and look forward to heaven.  My home is not here in the land of war, turmoil, strife, and high housing and gas prices.  There is something better waiting (Rom. 8:18). … Read More My Thoughts on Christ’s Healing of the Woman With the Blood Issue