The Gift of the Holy Spirit and the Laying On of the Apostles’ Hands

Stephen and Philip, along with the others on whom the apostles laid their hands in Acts 6, were already “filled with the Spirit” (6:3).  Yet they did not perform miracles until after the apostles had laid their hands on them (6:6, 8; 8:6-7).  They had to have received “the gift of the Holy Spirit” at their conversion (Acts 2:38-39), only to later receive miraculous spiritual gifts when the apostles laid their hands on them.  This shows a difference between the two. … Read More The Gift of the Holy Spirit and the Laying On of the Apostles’ Hands

“Do All Possess Gifts of Healing?”

The Holy Spirit is always an interesting topic of discussion in religious circles.  Many believe the Spirit works in the lives of Christians in a miraculous, charismatic way.  I have had discussions with folks who believe that one does not have relationship with the Holy Spirit unless one performs or has had performed on them some sort of supposedly miraculous deed.… Read More “Do All Possess Gifts of Healing?”

What We Can Learn From The Cities of Refuge

Old Testament Israel did not have a criminal justice system comparable to ours.  If someone killed your loved one and you naturally desired justice, you would put together a posse and look to kill this person in return.  All you would care about is that your loved one was dead and you want immediate judgment.  God was concerned with ensuring the safety of the one who had committed accidental homicide, which is why He designed these cities of refuge into the Old Testament system.… Read More What We Can Learn From The Cities of Refuge

“…Because Water Was Plentiful There…”

A reader of the blog submitted a question about the piece I wrote recently on Jesus’ burial and its correlation to baptism.  Noticing that I had described baptism as “being submerged in water,” the reader asked about their own baptism from years ago in which a cup of water had been poured over their head and asked, “Does the Bible talk about anyone being baptized like that?”… Read More “…Because Water Was Plentiful There…”

Have You Been Buried With Christ In Water?

The Bible teaches that one becomes a Christian by repenting – turning away from – of their old, sinful way of life…dying to their old self.  Through baptism, being submerged in water, one is spiritually buried just as Christ was buried.  Upon coming out of that water, they “rise again” to a new life just as Christ was resurrected.  They are “born again.”… Read More Have You Been Buried With Christ In Water?

The Importance of Christ’s Church

What I don’t understand is why many professed followers of Christ want to have nothing to do with His church.  I’ve heard people say, “Christ yes.  The church, no,” or “I love Jesus and want to follow Him, but I have little use for the church.”  I believe many do not understand what the church truly is and what the Bible actually teaches about the church.  If we would see what Scripture teaches about Christ’s church, we will come to appreciate her more and make sure our own concept of the church is harmonious with God’s Word.… Read More The Importance of Christ’s Church