The Top Ten Most Read Posts of February

It’s the end of another month, so it’s time to review the top ten most read posts on Preacher of Truth for February, 2014.  If you’re new to the blog, give these a read.  If you’ve read them before, hope you read ’em again and share them with others.  As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read and support this blog!  You are greatly appreciated!


  1. Do Not Think That I Have Come To Abolish The Law Or The Prophets
  2. When The Spirit of Truth Comes…
  3. Discouragement: Satan’s Greatest Weapon
  4. All of Us Who Have Been Baptized Into Christ Jesus
  5. That They May All Be One
  6. Let Us Run With Endurance The Race That Is Set Before Us
  7. You Shall Love The Lord Your God
  8. A Circumcision Made Without Hands
  9. But Have Not Love
  10. If Anyone Would Come After Me, Let Him Deny Himself And Take Up His Cross Daily And Follow Me

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