Would Jesus Approve Of Modern Christianity?

Would Jesus Approve Of Modern Christianity?

Check out this very thought-provoking article by Wes McAdams.  If you or your church consider yourselves Christian, that’s great.  However, would JESUS consider you to be Christian?  That’s a very important question.

How will you answer it?  Will you go by your feelings?

Or will you go by the Bible?

One thought on “Would Jesus Approve Of Modern Christianity?

  1. Hi brother Wes, Read your article on fb with much interest. Very well written and factual too. I don’t understand how anyone could say (as is common today) give me Jesus but I don’t want anything to do with His church. I am a retired law enforcement officer of 31 years. I now minister a very small congregation of the church in Reedsport , Oregon. On the beautiful Oregon coast about 100 miles North of the Cal. border. Again I enjoyed your article very much. In His Love Jack Houser

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