A Biblical Movie Review: Noah

Since the film Noah is about to come out on video, I thought it was a good time to re-post my earlier review of the film. It’s long because there are so many biblical errors in the film, but it’s worth reading if you’re going to see the movie and want to know what the Bible says about it. Hope it’s helpful for you in your Bible studies about Noah.

Pre-Denominational Christianity

WARNING!!  Everything you are about to read contains MAJOR spoilers about the movie Noah.  In fact, if you go to see this movie after reading my review, it will be highly likely that you will know what’s about to happen right before it happens; that’s how detailed I plan to get in my synopsis of this movie.  So be forewarned.  Want to see the movie not knowing what’s going to happen?  Go see it first and then come back and read my review.  Otherwise, let’s get started…

This is the first movie review I’ve ever written about any film, much less a film that is supposedly about events and people one reads about in the Bible.  Just to let you know right off the bat, my focus is not on critiquing the acting, the directing, the cinematography, etc.  If you want that kind of review, there are plenty of…

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