Bible Q&A: Is It Sinful to Spell Out the Name of God?

Is it sinful to spell the name of God?

Sin is defined by Scripture as lawlessness, the breaking of God’s laws (1 John 3:4; Rom. 4:15; 7:8).  Concerning man’s usage of the name of God, we are commanded to treat his name in a “hallowed,” or holy or reverent, way (Matt. 6:9; cf. Is. 29:23; Lk. 1:49; Ex. 20:7).  Yet the specifics on how we are to treat his name as holy are not found in Scripture.  History tells us that the Jews refused to even speak the name of God, but inspired Scripture does not show that God had commanded them to do so.  In like manner, Scripture does not demand of his followers that they not spell out his name as part of treating it in a hallowed way.  Thus, while one may personally choose to not spell out God’s name due to revering it, one is not divinely required to do that in God’s Word.  Scripture shows that treating God’s name in a reverent way means that we always speak of it in an honorable, purposeful way that would bring glory to him and refrain from speaking it in a flippant, meaningless, vulgar way.

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