Bible Q&A: Were Dinosaurs on the Ark?

Were dinosaurs on Noah’s ark?

This is a good question.  To many the idea is inconceivable because they’ve been taught that dinosaurs existed some 65 million years before mankind came on the scene.  Plus, how could you get massive creatures weighing in at over 50 tons each onto the ark?  How would human beings survive being cooped up inside an ark with a T-Rex?

Scripture teaches that all land-dwelling animals were created on the sixth day, the same day on which humanity was created (Gen. 1:24-26; Ex. 20:11).  That means that mankind and dinosaurs existed side by side for centuries before the flood of Noah’s day.  After the flood, the book of Job describes an animal called the “behemoth” (Job 40:15-24), a creature that fits the description of a dinosaur (its tail is compared to a cedar, thus indicating that it is massive, and the text implies that mankind would have difficulty overpowering it).  If the behemoth was a dinosaur, which I believe was the case), then that would mean dinosaurs existed after the flood.  Therefore, Noah would have had them onboard the ark, and humanity would have continued to interact with them after the flood.  There is evidence that humanity and dinosaurs lived side by side up to fairly recently.

As to the size of the dinosaurs, remember that not all dinosaurs were massive in size.  Regardless, Scripture doesn’t specify that adult animals had to go onboard the ark.  Skeletons of juvenile dinosaurs show that they were generally the size of a cow.  If Noah had taken juveniles, they would have taken up much less space and the recorded dimensions of the ark show that there would have been plenty of room for them (Gen. 6:15-16).

The Bible also teaches that both man and animals were vegetarians before the flood (Gen. 1:29-30).  It was only after the flood that God allowed man and animals to eat meat (Gen. 9:3).  Therefore, Noah and his family could have been inside the ark with a T-Rex without being in danger of being devoured.

Therefore, we can confidently say that dinosaurs were in fact on Noah’s ark.

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